Door Glass Weatherstrip Front, Standard


NOTE: All front weatherstrips are the same, and can be used on the inner/outer and left/right of any AP5-VC front door.

This is the Standard Version, which means it is wrapped in black cloth tape, like the original.


Don’t you just hate it when your weatherstrip extrusion supplier suddenly realizes you are selling completed weatherstrips for half the cost of their own range, and consequently decides to stop selling extrusions to you after 20 years?

We do. We were forced to spend thousands of dollars in tooling to have almost every single weatherstrip component custom made just for us. From the extrusion to the metal clips to the fuzzy stuff.

Luckily, the result is actually better that the original. We based our design not on the generic product currently sold by everyone else, but a completely new design based on the original Valiant product.

But why use crusty steel like the original or crappy plastic like everyone else, when you can use custom-made aluminium extrusions?

And what is cheaper than making a product in Australia? Making it in China? Hell no; making it yourself. All of our AP5-VC door weatherstrips are Australian made. In house. By me.

Since we were having everything custom made we were able to deal direct with the factory, cut out at least 3 middlemen, and reduce the cost so it is actually cheaper to buy the best quality weatherstrips on the market...

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  • Model: AP5 / AP6 / VC
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