About Us

valiantparts.com.au was started accidentally in nineteen-ninety-something by Geoff Dundon. When he was forced to buy a collection of 7 panels to get the front left guard he needed for his own SV1 he stored the extra panels down the side of his house as they were too good to throw away. One day Geoff was approached by a stranger looking for a bonnet, which he just happened to have in his collection. Word spread and soon the business, known as Replacement Valiant Parts at the time, was employing a full-time mechanic to wreck one car per day. Unfortunately the premises were eventually lost and the business was relocated to Geoff’s garage where it continued trading successfully for many years. Eventually, in 2012, Geoff’s other commitments proved too much and he decided to shut up shop. Being an existing customer since 1999, I happened to be in the right place at the right time (buying a condenser, actually) and bought the business outright before relocating it to my own backyard where it has taken over my own rusty sheds. Since then I have added this website but the business continues to operate in the same informal, friendly manner for which it became known.
To date, valiantparts.com.au continues to be the only Valiant–specific business that:
Is run by a family, not an automated telephone system
Is open 24hrs per day (friendly service not guaranteed if you call at a time when normal people are asleep!)
Supports other Australian businesses where possible
Keeps a Wish List and will alert you if we eventually find the obscure part you are looking for
Will accept your surplus Valiant parts as payment instead of money