Rear Passenger Door Shell, Salvage


A straight and almost rust free door apart from a small dent (circled) on outer skin and a small amount of rust starting on trailing edge of window frame. Not too late to just sand it off, treat it and paint over, with no need to get the angle grinder out.
The stainless window frame trim has a minor blemish on the upper part.
This door came from a VC so has trim holes to suit the VC chrome strip; however it is otherwise the same as the AP5 and AP6 door.
Note that you are buying the bare door shell and stainless frame trim only. Anything unboltable is not included, even if it is pictured. This is because you are probably replacing your existing rusted-out door which has all of these items already. Other door components are available and may be found on this site.
Note: too big to post but could be couriered or picked up from Camden, NSW.

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