Side Cargo Window Seals


Includes both side Cargo Seals and Locking Strips. Premium OEM quality.

At ValiantParts we know a bit about Valiants. But we could never figure out why Cargo Window Seals were so expensive. Why should they cost more than a Windscreen Seal, when they use the same amount of rubber and are no harder to make?

First they were $600, then $700; now the going rate seems to be almost $900 when you add Locking Strips and GST. I hated having to tell people who asked how much they were because I didn't believe they were worth that much either.

In fact, the only thing I hated more was adding a $20 markup and then ordering them in only to discover the wholesale price had gone up by $100 since the last time I bought some.

It was time for drastic action. We started by finding a good original seal which was then cut up to measure the cross-section dimensions to +/-0.01mm.

Then we found a manufacturer who could make them to those tolerances and who already made similar products for the global market.

Then we brought the price down by buying lots of them. An entire pallet in fact.

Then we cut out every single middleman. The seals leave the factory, I pick them up and post them to you. Nobody else touches them.

That's how we can sell you such a good product at such a low price; about the same price as two windscreen seals.

And yes, we will be doing the same for other Valiant wagon models in the future.

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  • Model: VE / VF / VG Wagon
  • Shipping Weight: 4.5kgs